Talent analytics
Talent Analytics generate
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Select, develop and retain the right talent for your company.

Data driven HR to support your HR strategy with facts.

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Why talent analytics?
  • Experts in data driven HR
  • unique Talent Analytics software
  • Analyse the impact of HR on business KPI’s
  • Easy and fast to implement
  • Scientifically solid data analysis

Make HR data driven with our Talent Analytics software





  • "Scorius is ahead of the rest in Talent Analytics"
    Rick van de Water
    Assessment & Development specialist YoungCapital
  • "With the BAMpanel developed by Scorius, we create real time insight in how to improve employee engagement "
    Lajos Walbeek
    HR director BAM bouw en vastgoed
  • “The consultants of Scorius have a deep understanding of IO psychology. They helped us to create the right profiles for our teams”
    Joris Kleintjens
    Algemeen directeur Lexima
  • "Finally easy to use software to support performance management and talent development"
    Ernst Jan Reitsma
    Partner Rijnconsult
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