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How YoungCapital  discovers talent using online assessments

YoungCapital is the dutch market leader in recruiting young talent within the temporary staffing sector. YoungCapital and Scorius together developed a Talent Scan for all new YoungCapital candidates. The Talent Scan generates a scientifically based report of someone’s top 5 strongest competencies in 25 minutes and can be administered online through the YoungCapital app. The Scorius talent scan enables theyoungCapital recruiters to discover the right talent faster and easier. The quality of the match increases and recruiters can select applicants on their talents instead of just looking at their work experience.


Rick van de Water is online assessment specialist at YoungCapital and he sees plenty of opportunities to discover talent earlier in the recruitment process.

Temporary staffing in 2016

Rick explains: “Finding and recruiting the right talent for our clients is our core business. The labor market has been picking up rapidly in recent years. The demand for flexible staff has increased enormously. Functions that were previously performed by permanent staff are now filled in by flex workers. This means that employers have become more demanding than before. More is expected from the people we place for our clients. Now that the economy is picking up and unemployment is decreasing, it will only become more difficult for organizations to find enough good employees. There are fewer people looking for work and more is expected from the people who are available. That is why we need to recognize talent as quickly as possible so that we can continue to meet the growing demand ‘

Young talent

What is YoungCapital ‘s vision on recruiting young talent? Rick explains: “We have many candidates in our database. Our candidates are mainly young people who have not yet built up a very extensive resume. A training, work experience or education is of course valuable but does not give you the full picture of somebodies potential. At YoungCapital we therefore want to select on talent and  atitude. Can someone empathize with a customer? Does someone work accurately? That is what we want to know from a candidate. A result-oriented, social and flexible candidate can develop quickly even if he or she does not yet fully match to a position in terms of work experience. However, personality traits are not that easy to measure. With the Talent Scan from Scorius we have a reliable and valid instrument to quickly see where someone’s personal qualities lie. In this way we can place people in a very focused way with a great chance of success. We focus on the future of a candidate instead of just looking at what someone has done in the past. We recognize the talent that others may overlook. And that’s how we get even better at scouting the right candidates. Our candidates are also enthusiastic about the opportunity to find out where their talent lies’.

‘Through the online assessment we recognize talent that others overlook’

Why Scorius?

When we started thinking about an online assessment for all candidates at YoungCapital , we quickly had to clarify what the ‘must haves’ had to be. First, it must be a good, valid and reliable assessment based on a common scientific model. There is a wide range of tests and assessments, but many instruments do not have a solid scientific basis. The assessment must be fast, online and easy to use. There are also many differences between providers in that respect. We also want an assessment with a positive starting point. It is much more interesting for us and for the candidate to look at strong points and where someone’s talent lies than to see what someone is not good at. Furthermore, at YoungCapital we prefer to do business with flexible and innovative parties that are young at heart and fit with our DNA. Scorius was a good match for us on all these points. Scorius distinguishes itself by being at the forefront of the talent analytics space. They offer us more than just an assessment and help us to analyse how we can constantly improve in our work. ‘


Recente projecten

  • "Scorius is ahead of the rest in Talent Analytics"
    Rick van de Water
    Assessment & Development specialist YoungCapital
  • "With the BAMpanel developed by Scorius, we create real time insight in how to improve employee engagement "
    Lajos Walbeek
    HR director BAM bouw en vastgoed
  • “The consultants of Scorius have a deep understanding of IO psychology. They helped us to create the right profiles for our teams”
    Joris Kleintjens
    Algemeen directeur Lexima
  • "Finally easy to use software to support performance management and talent development"
    Ernst Jan Reitsma
    Partner Rijnconsult
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