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Scorius and PwC develop an Agile Readiness Assessment

In a changing world, nothing is as important as flexibility. How do you ensure that your organization changes at the right pace with the world around us? How do you translate the changes into daily practice, the HR processes and the performance of your employees?

Scorius and PwC have developed a questionnaire to test the agility of your organization on five proven dimensions. Afterwards you will receive a clear report with concrete improvement actions. Making the assessment is now temporarily free.

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David Verhagen
6 November 2018
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  • "Scorius is ahead of the rest in Talent Analytics"
    Rick van de Water
    Assessment & Development specialist YoungCapital
  • "With the BAMpanel developed by Scorius, we create real time insight in how to improve employee engagement "
    Lajos Walbeek
    HR director BAM bouw en vastgoed
  • “The consultants of Scorius have a deep understanding of IO psychology. They helped us to create the right profiles for our teams”
    Joris Kleintjens
    Algemeen directeur Lexima
  • "Finally easy to use software to support performance management and talent development"
    Ernst Jan Reitsma
    Partner Rijnconsult
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