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BusinessBuilding : investing in developing commercial talent

BusinessBuilding consists of a team of experienced sales professionals with a passion for commerce. BusinessBuilding improves the commercial results of its clients. The BusinessBuilding consultants do this by working with clients on skills, behavior and processes that play a role in the commercial process. BusinessBuilding works integrally: the work processes are scrutinized and optimized for everyone in a company who plays a role in the commercial process, from first customer contact to senior management.

One of the tools that Businessbuilding employs is the online assessment of Scorius. Together with Businessbuilding, Scorius has developed a specific sales assessment and management assessment. This online assessment provides a scientifically based report of someone’s talent for important sales competencies within 25 minutes.


The role of sales is changing

Andre de Wilde, one of the owners of BusinessBuilding explains: ‘We see that markets change very quickly. The sales trade has changed enormously in the last 20 years. It is becoming increasingly complex. The customer has more information at his disposal and there are more channels to get goods or services from abroad. There are currently 10 solutions for every problem. The distinctive character of a solution or product has become limited and that makes it very challenging for a seller.

This requires different behaviour from sales professionals. The personal contact remains. But modern sellers must be smarter, more flexible and faster than before.  Employees can not always keep up with this and adapt to changing expectations. With an assessment It can help people to get an objective picture of their talents and development points to start discussing changing job requirements. As an employer, you can also make a clear choice through the assessment . Are we going to try to develop what someone is not good at, or do we take someone’s talent and strength as a starting point?


Investing in development

Many organizations invest heavily in learning and development, but often little is done in sales development and sales management development. We believe that there is room for improvement and the assessments support this.

We also regularly use an assessment when coaching entrepreneurs and executives. Entrepreneurs are often busy with all kinds of issues at the same time. Through the assessment we can help the entrepreneur to better recognize his own talents, work more from his strengths and make informed choices about what is being delegated. If you are involved in everything at the same time you get mediocrity, what do you have to stop doing to perform better? Where can you really distinguish yourself?


Why Scorius

BusinessBuilding has opted for Scorius because Scorius’s assessments are scientificly solid, there is a lot of knowledge and science built in the tooling. Everything works via the online portal and is therefore fast and easy to use. For us as ‘lay people’ it works very well. I am not a psychologist, but I can give clear feedback to others by the way the report is written.



The assessment provides insights into qualities and with that people can work from their strength. On the competencies your not so good at you can  consciously choose how you want to deal with them. This gives peace and clarity for both employee and manager. The assessment supports development and stimulates that people work together more effectively. Sales is a profession of human contact so by investing in the team and in personal development the commercial results ultimately improve.

Recente projecten

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    Rick van de Water
    Assessment & Development specialist YoungCapital
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    Lajos Walbeek
    HR director BAM bouw en vastgoed
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    Joris Kleintjens
    Algemeen directeur Lexima
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    Ernst Jan Reitsma
    Partner Rijnconsult
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